03 October 2004

Inaugural Post-- que fanfare!

I decided to start this blog mainly because I can't take the absurdity of the Left anymore. If I didn't have a place to vent in the vague hope of garnering a response or at least inspiring one lonely soul to action, I'd be throwing myself against a set of padded walls right now.

As for the title, ConservaJew: one could just be dubbed a Jewpublican, but I like "ConservaJew" better-- it sounds very anti-terror/pro-Israel. So, for those of you anti-Americans/anti-Semites out there, let me be clear: Je suis ConservaJew!

Since I'm in the midst of setting up, I'm going to re-post some political commentary from my old online notebook into this new one. Then I'll hopefully be able to join blogsforbush, because the more pro-W presence on the Internet, the better.


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