04 July 2006

Morning Update (Happy Fourth, George Washington!)

Happy Fourth to all you American readers who are anxiously awaiting this afternoon's cookout like I am. I know I come off as being extremely hard on this country, but you all should know that being critical of your current elected officials is what being American is all about. SPEAK UP! Your voice keeps America free!

American News to Speak Out About:

The Security & Prosperity Partnership with Mexico and Canada is already being enforced. The government is in the midst of preparing the way for the NASCO International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor. This NAFTA 10-lane superhighway will act as an access road for commercial truck traffic ONLY, and there are plans to build the road STRAIGHT THROUGH PRIVATE HOMES AND PROPERTY. Jerome Corsi writes about NASCO in Human Events Online; read it and learn. For those of you who think EMINENT DOMAIN is just a semantic argument, think again. Tamar Yonah interviewed two Texans from Gainesville who stand to lose their home if their community's protests fail.

This week, Israpundit reported via the Chicago Sun-Times that the US Courts Find a Right to Jihad in the Constitution. For those of you who think this is another one of those high court semantic issues, I give you one word: penumbra.

News from Israel:

Carl in Jerusalem gives us a great morning update. The deadline is over, however, according to some Arabic news sources, some negotiations are continuing. In the meantime, Palestinian businesses are fleeing Gaza after a year of failure, The Army of Islam says it's un-Shariahish of them to kill Gilad Shalit (which is supposed to make us think he's still alive, I guess) and Hamas wants to take Israel to the Hague.

The Hashmonean gives us the latest rundown on the military offensive in Gaza with some fab maps, reporting that since the Zahal has starting inching into the north, rocket attacks into Sderot have dropped by 90%. Go, IDF, GO!

Now, the fife and drum music from downstairs is calling, so it's on to celebrate Independence I go. This year, as I munch down on my Hebrew National dog, I'll think of the colonials in 1776, the Entebbe raiders in 1976, and their descendants fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gaza today. Baruch haShem for freedom!


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