05 October 2004


For anyone in the states whose voter registration deadline is midnight--- TIME'S-A-TICKIN'! and it's going a helluva lot faster than the 60 minutes clock.

Which reminds me: did anyone listen to Andy Rooney's solution to the CBS credibility issue? Turn the nightly news into an hour-long program "for the public service" and spend more money on it instead of those waste-of-time reality shows that Les Moonves produces. Now, I'm all about ending "reality TV" but if my only other option is the news... and "advertising" the increased news time as a "public service"? What the hell kind of Hitlerian tactic is that? BBC programming is dedicated to the public good-- that's why they aren't a commercial medium. It's also why they don't air spots with Tony Blair reminding you of how wonderful they are every thirty seconds. If that's what Brian Williams was talking about when he referred to the "town square" form of journalism, then I'll gladly take my humble fiefdom of one.


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