08 May 2006

Israeli Music S.O.S. (Read: Ayudame, por favor!)

I would've versed the above in Hebrew, but phonetic has never been my strong suit. That, and how do you word "S.O.S." in Hebrew? Shin-Vav-Shin? Anywho... here's my dilemma:

I need to increase my Israeli music library.

So far I've been winging it and have pulled together a small but respectable collection of classic Israeli tunes by artists including: David Broza, Ofra Haza, Chava Alberstein, Ruchama Raz, Sarit Hadad, and Achinoam Nini. My favourites out of the collection are as follows:

Ofra Haza's Greatest Hits (everything this woman did was amazing...I can even get into a song about Flash Gordon when she sings it... Flash Gordon, people. Have you SEEN that movie? Let's just say it makes Mad Max III look like high-art cinema.)

It's All or Nothing -- David Broza

But, hey, I'm not picky; I like 'em all. The more Mediterranean/Middle Eastern-sounding, the better, though. (Despite the fact that my Hebrew is incredibly Biblical-- outside of the Siddur, I'm pretty lost with the exception of knowing how to ask where the bathroom is (Eifo ha sherutim?) which is the one phrase I locked into my memory before I went to Israel 8 years ago.)

Please, dear readers and zoomers of cyberspace, hook me up with the names of some Israeli artists and albums I should pick up to add to my collection. I found a great site through which I can scan an immense catalog and call in an order. If you know of any other sites or shops to check out, please fill me in on those as well.

Todah Rabbah in advance!!!

(Oh, and just for the heck of it, if you know of any great online Hebrew language tutors I can access for free in my spare time at work, I'd appreciate the link.)



Blogger Soccer Dad said...

Though he apparently has retired from blogging, Shaister ( http://www.shaister.com/index.php ) used to do a Friday pop culture entry. You can probably learn an awful lot about Israeli popular music from him.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Shanah said...

You, Sir, are a genius.

Todah & Good Shabbos!

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

try www.israel-music.com - you can listen to samples of each song on a particular album and they list them in order of newest and most popular.

if you can read hebrew check out the charts on http://www.glglz.msn.co.il/ or http://gimmel.iba.org.il/ and you can listen to radio live...

good luck

3:08 AM  

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