05 July 2006

Under the main headline Kassams hit Ashkelon for first time the JPost reports: Olmert vows far-reaching ramifications for Hamas

The collective population of Sderot has taken a moment away from their daily duck and cover schedule to do a collective eyeroll at this very moment. I can just feel it. Actually, I'm pretty sure my eyes have rolled so far that they've literally crossed the oceans and landed smack-dab in the center of the beaches of Gush Katif.

According to Arutz 7, the Security Cabinet is set to meet tomorrow and Peretz is already announcing that the IDF will "increase the pace." According to Hashmonean, a batallion-sized force is "now beyond the Gaza frontier".

Rally to Save Eretz Yisrael & Yerushalayim will be held THIS THURSDAY, JULY 6 from 12-2pm In Front of the Israeli Consulate in NYC (800 2nd Avenue, bet. 42 & 43) For more information, click the link. SPEAK UP! SPEAK OUT!

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