07 August 2006

End of Weekend Links

An Unsealed Room gives links to the Reuters Photo story and Haifa news.

Walid Shoebat's getting airtime on Fox News as I type. Good man. I encourage everyone to pray for his safety and the safety of his family, and that he would be blessed for speaking out in defense of Israel.

12 Israeli Reservists Murdered by Hizbollah rockets today. According to the Israel Matzav report, the reservists did not heed warnings to take cover before the rocket hit.

Which brings me to my greatest point of frustration as of late: moronic Jews the world over who continue to prove that we, and only we, are our own worst enemies. Today I read some new blog by female Israeli academics and media professionals, created in light of the war. This insane female decided to write a feminist rant, complaining about having to suffer all because "men have this innate need to war." What a bunch of bull. I'd like to remind all you feminist Jews out there that your glorious Gloria Steinem earned her street cred by parading around Hugh Hefner's digs in a leotard and bunny ears. (I guess that just goes to show you that it takes one to know one.) Quite frankly, any Jew who is against this war, or any IDF action taken to save Israeli lives and the life of Israel, makes me ill. Israel is in the mess we're in right now because of their moronic thinking, therefore, they should shut up before they cost any more lives.

Rafi G. at Life in Israel has a fascinating entry up detailing two stories involving Israeli troops and halacha in the battlefield. The accounts raise a lot of questions for the minyan regarding the relationship between the physical and the spiritual in war.

More commentary tomorrow as time permits....


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