04 August 2006

Shabbat Shalom

It has been one tumultuous week. The war is going strong and news from the front is limited due to Israel's gorgeous concept of "media blackout" as effective battle strategy. (LOVE IT.) I'm taking the victorious surprise attack in the Bekka Valley, in which all of our troops who went in, came out alive and unharmed as a sign that HaShem is, indeed, watching over us.

As to those killed in battle, I can only mourn their deaths, pray for the comfort of their families, and rest in the comfort of the promise of eternal life found in Isaiah 26:19. While our number of dead in battle remains low (Baruch haShem, may it always be so) one Israeli soldier killed in battle is too many killed in battle. But, this is the reality of war. I can only agree with General Patton who once said, "We should not mourn that these men have died; rather, we should rejoice that they lived."

Qana was proved a complete fraud perpetrated by camera-happy Hizbollah guerillas, who feel the need to parade their ugly tuchuses in front of the lens as much as possible, as if this were nothing more than some cheesy third-rate reality show. Not hot. Too bad for them; Allah's virgins don't have cable.

Olmert stuck his foot in his mouth and is now in the process of trying to wedge it back out before he loses a good percentage of the most loyal fighters in the army. No one likes to be critical of a fellow Jew during war, but Caroline Glick put it best when she said that some tough love is in order. Stand firm, Israel. Stand firm for what you know is right-- even if that means disagreeing with your leadership. But don't let those disagreements divide you or weaken your power-- just as HaShem turns curses into blessings for the sake of those who love Him, take the bad situation and turn it to good for the sake of His good name. You can do it!

For excellent insight into Hizbollah's media war, and how the international media plays right into their hands, check out Noah Pollak's piece at National Review Online. [Yarmulke tip: Dave at Israel At Level Ground]

HaShem is fighting on our behalf, and will continue to fight as long as we let Him. We've got to keep breaking down those walls of fear-- the less Israel cares what the world thinks, the more freedom she will give HaShem to get the job done. So far, we've opened the door to heaven, but it's only open halfway. We've got to get outside the box of human perspective and start thinking from G-d's perspective: He is the one who knows the enemy the best, He is the one with all the power and control, He is the one with victory in His hands. TRUST IN HASHEM, NOT IN THE WORDS OF MEN.

As Shabbat draws near in Eretz Yisrael, I pray for my people to have a peaceful day of rest in the presence of HaShem. Consider yourselves on leave for the next 24 hours, and take the time to crack open your Bibles, to pray, and to meditate on the words of Adonai. He is our strength.

Shabbat Shalom.


Anonymous IsraelSupporter said...

Thank you for the update. I am sorry about the deaths. My heart crys everyday when I see how many are killed in Iraq most everyday. The world is a sad place. I will email you later. Take care & God bless Israel always.

6:46 PM  
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