14 December 2004

Four More Years...

From the Washington Times @ >>http://www.washtimes.com/upi-breaking/20041213-052632-7010r.htm<<:

"Senate Democrats Monday signaled they would continue to try and unofficially oversee the Bush administration.
But the hearings -- eight this year on subjects ranging from the deficit to U.S. contracting in Iraq -- have had little impact beyond political show because they are highly partisan affairs with no subpoena power."

Does this count as pork, because I'm smelling some fatty bacon on this fryer. Great... now, not only are my tax dollars going to rebuild crumbling Turkish baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas, simply because "Bill Clinton vacationed here as a boy," but I'm also paying for a bunch of Congressional Democrats to go Mulder & Scully on the White House. Sure, I believe the truth is out there-- although I think they'd find it a lot quicker if they started investigating the reflections in the bathroom mirror.

Which brings me to a greater issue: the Libs are Soooooo yesterday's news. I can't decide who's more out of touch, the Congresspeople, or Mo Dowdy with her endless "Rummy" complaints and whining over Christmas. (I know Orthodox Jews who can handle Santa better than she can. Honestly, if she were to ask for a Red Ryder beebee gun with a compass and a stock and a thing that tells time, I'd probably hand it to her, hoping she WOULD shoot her eye out.) George Will is right (big surprise there) these Libs need to get with the times... America is Bush Country, whether they like it or not. So, instead of moaning, they can either ask for the "Idiot's Guide to Public Debate" for the holidays, or a one-way ticket to France. If that requires some mid-season elections to take place, so be it; I'm all about Democracy in action.

I'm so sick of President Bush being skewered by, well, anyone with a mic and the ashes of their bra sitting on their mantel. LEAVE HIM ALONE! Good holly, even I don't agree with everything he does, but I do believe he's a decent, intelligent human being with a huge task before him, and that even though he may have to play politics and make compromises, he does have our best interests at heart. In fact, he's done a better job at being President than most of the leaders we've ever had. What does he get for it? Media treatment and bipartisanship that's beginning to rival what Nixon got fed for being a McCarthyite. Unfathomably lame, if you ask me, and a strategy that will only backfire-- every time someone picks on W. for no reason, it makes me like him even more, and I know I can't be the only one.

Movie of the Week: "You Can't Take it With You" d. Frank Capra, starring Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore... a bit of a zany film that promotes the "pure Americanism" of the 1930s. Discusses such things as socialism, communism, welfare/New Deal policies, income tax, and personal creative freedom versus big business. Interesting film... I wouldn't mind watching it again; it's on DVD, and running on TCM this month.

TV Show of the Week: "Sue Thomas F.B.Eye", PAX, Sunday/Wednesday @ 9 pm. Rumor has it that they're cancelling this gem, the only positive portrayal of American Law Enforcement and the War on Terror, supposedly because PAX is pulling funding... apparently they have a dream, a dream of becoming yet another useless infomercial channel on your television dial. Official website: >> http://www.pax.tv/shows/suethoma<<>>http://www.suethomasfbeye.net<< fans are trying to save the show; the writers say other networks have shown interest. Who knows? Just when the show was getting really good, too.... you know, like "Remember WENN" and "Christy". Yet another reason to not bother paying for cable....

CD of the Week: Barenaked Ladies: "Barenaked for the Holidays". Cute; contains the best Hanukkah song I've ever heard, written by one of the gentlemen, I believe. Yes, the CD contains "Happy Birthday, Jesus" which is outright grotesque, but other than that its a fun, contemporary holiday CD with some nifty versions of traditional classics.


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