09 November 2004

We'll Keep on Winning...

Yes, I know... haven't posted in a while. That's because I've been busy trying to get through to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's Office by dialing 202.224.3344 and emailing bill_frist@frist.senate.gov to tell him to block Arlen Specter from the Senate Judiciary Committee! We've made our voices heard in this election; now it's up to us to see that Congress follows through on the President's "Mandate from the People."

In the meantime, I've also drafted a new banner, which you can see in the sidebar. Eventually I'll have enough graphics for a site. In the meantime, feel free to take and use on your own site... in fact, use it to link up to this blog!

More later... right now I've got to resume looking for employment.

Commentary forthcoming!


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