07 January 2005

American Newsmedia WIPEOUT!

I have decided that the Tsunami which hit Phuket (admit it, great title there) far outreached the precincts of Thailand and Indonesia and did, in fact, wipeout every single major American newsmedia outlet and reporter around the country. Still in shock, these media agencies (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, LA Times, Washington Times, Washington Post, NY Times) are unable to do anything but sit in a corner, rocking themselves back and forth, and blubbering something about financial aid.

Not one single major news source's website has any front page headlines regarding the Disengagement Protests going on in Israel right now. What are they talking about? In order of importance: tsunami, tsunami, tsunami, money for the tsunami, the tsunami, Andrea Yates, and the fact that Ashlee Simpson (or whatever blondeish pop star you want) was booed at the Orange Bowl.

Meanwhile, conservative talk radio on the whole is busy nailing the "stingy" remarks and the "torture memos" while convincing America that we're all great and fine and wonderful, and look! There's Ike now! Hey Sis, let's go to the weenie roast this weekend after the church bazaar!

Here's my idea of what we should be talking about right now:

1. Killing terrorists. Of course, this would mean coming up with an accurate, logical definition of who these terrorists are, which apparently we can't do. (We're still trying to draw the line between Muslims and Islamofascists, and by the way, the Muslim Student Association is a totally legitimate organization despite the fact that it bankrolls Hizbullah. Shhh.)

2. The Disengagement Plan. Now, this technically falls into topic #1, but it can be expounded on to include such topics as: kicking all "Palestinians" out of the Israeli land they're occupying and sending them back to Jordan and the other Arab countries from which they came after 1948; knocking down the security fence; increasing American funding to Israel, which is the only area in which America is "stingy" with their cash, IMHO.

3. Cutting off U.S. aid to all terrorist and terrorist-aiding countries around the world. This would help to increase funding to Israel. I'd say some of the extra money could also go to the Tsunami victims, but since all that cash is just being skimmed by the U.N. and the region's respective governments, why bother? Like most, those survivors who lived poor, will die poor. Don't like it? Blame the dictatorships that the U.N. invites to the bargaining table.

4. Come to terms with the fact that all liberals (knowingly or not) are communists or fellow travellers who appease and even support Islamic terrorists in this nation and worldwide. For what to do with them, see topic #1, or just boot them to France.

5. Getting the U.N. off of U.S. soil. No explanation needed.


Blogger Inconsequential Pie said...

As someone who leans to the left but feels that extremes in any direction are not so good, let me preface this by saying that while I have no problem with the contents of your post, I think that calling all of your liberal friends terrorists is one of the shittiest things I've ever seen.


6:59 AM  

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