06 September 2005

George W. Bush: The Liberals' New god

Apparently, libs have found a new deity to hate: George W. Bush. After all, it would take the powers of the supernatural to wreak such natural havoc upon a major city, wouldn't it? Think about it. All of these complaints about George W. Bush "not responding fast enough" or "not doing enough in advance" to prevent and/or respond to hurricane Katrina are moanings that do nothing less than deify the man they claim to hate.

Meanwhile, all of these government officials and public figures, with their millions of dollars and mighty fame, could actually focus on the real cause of the problem: our nation turning its back on Israel. But they won't, simply because they hate the Jews anyway (even if some of them won't admit it) and don't really give a crap if we force Israel to give land with costal access to terrorists who want to kill them (and us). After all, this is the party of John Kerry, whose campaign platform included the concept of arming and training an official Palestinian military force using U.S. money, weapons, and soldiers. Besides their Israel-hatred, they are a party that operates on the basis of chaos anyway. So, hell, why not revert to their most chaotic tactic, blaming George W. Bush for everything, in an already chaotic situation? That's all in a day's work for libs.

Sad, silly nation. Get a clue and beg G-d for forgiveness and mercy. Arm Israel and help her to take back the land you forced her to give away. Stand up for Israel and against the rest of the world that hates her. Do this, and G-d in His infinite mercy will save you.

Keep deifying George W., and you don't stand a chance.


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