18 August 2005


You don't need to be Maxwell Smart to realize that Arab terrorists aren't about war or death to infidels; they're about CONTROL. Controlling land, controlling people, controlling minds, controlling money-- CONTROLLING EVERYTHING.

Hamas: 'Calm' to End December 31 Thursday, August 18, 2005 / 13 Av 5765(IsraelNN.com)

Hamas terrorist leader Mahmoud al-Zahar said Thursday that the period of 'calm' will end at the end of the calendar year because Israel has not lived up to "any commitment to any cease-fire agreement."

He accused Israel of not living up to agreements to release Arab prisoners and jailed terrorists and stop killing terrorist leaders. He did not comment on terrorist attacks and attempted attacks by terrorists against Israel since the calm was announced in February.


They think Zionism is dead. They think the Disengagement is the first step towards the complete destruction of Israel. Meanwhile, what do the Israeli refugees think?

Netzer Hazani Plans to Move to Western Wall 10:07 Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765

"...Every person there then said out loud and clearly that he wished to go to the Kotel - and so, if no solution is found for us, and if they take us out by force, we plan to go to the Kotel and set up a tent city there. If we have no home, we will go to pray outside Hashem's home that He finally build there His everlasting home." "


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