15 August 2005

I Don't Know What Jesus Would Do, but Yeshua's Gonna Kick Your Ass

A recent interview with President George W. Bush in the Messianic Times:

"My faith is very important to me and I make decisions about my support for Israel prayerfully. Israel is important to me personally, obviously, because of my Christian heritage, because of my faith, but I think we have to recognize that it's a land that is important to many people, of many faiths, and our priority is to see real peace in our lifetimes. ...The road map is intact and valid for today. I think we can achieve a two-state solution and I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that I'm the first American president to articulate that as an option."

Oooh, oh quick, bow before him! He's the First, dammit, the first President to articulate that as an option! Tell me, what god did you pray to before you decided to redraw the boundaries of our G-d given land? Maybe the fool thinks allah will save him. Actually, somehow I think he's too busy praying to himself.

You know, the plot is just so freaking Biblical, you can't help but know G-d is in charge.


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