22 November 2005

Lebanese Freedom and Heavenly Dror

DEBKAfile Reports Nasrallah’s Kidnap Plan Boomerangs:

"This was the first time the Hizballah had sent a specially-trained motorbike commando unit into action. Its mission was to kidnap Israeli soldiers and bring them to Beirut for a macabre display in Lebanon’s Independence Day ceremonies Tuesday, Nov. 22. This was to be an act of defiance against Israel and more particularly the anti-Syrian government. DEBKAfile’s sources do not confirm it was instigated by Damascus and Tehran, as Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz claimed. Nasrallah may have informed both governments, but his essential motive was to grind his own axe in Lebanon."

This is what I meant when I said that American conservatives and right-wingers romanticize the idea of international democracy. These people don't want freedom-- they want to murder Jews and destroy Israel.

This battle isn't about politics, or the military, or international relations, or different cultures, or oil-- THIS BATTLE IS ABOUT HASHEM. We must not only realize that this fight is as every fight always has been, to quote Whittaker Chambers, "a symptom of the crisis," but acknowledge it if we are to survive and claim victory: "The Crisis" is nothing more than hasatan's attempt to take over the world.

It sounds fantastic to our "reasoned and realistic" minds that have been trained to reject anything that we can't see, feel, touch, or taste as false, as a lie. But it is the truth. It always has been the truth. Doesn't this explain why we have been taught to respect truth as nothing more than subjective, to view the world around us and the people in it with complete distrust, to believe that we are rendered powerless by a G-d who hates us, a government who steals from us, and an intelligensia that rapes our minds? Why have we been poisoned by these fears? Because they weaken us, they destroy us, and they encourage us to destroy others.

Consequently we (the United States and Israel) are currently fighting a war of political appeasement, because these fears have hounded us into a corner. Our faith has been turned into a religion governed by men who demand our allegiance and claim themselves divine despite their human fallabilities. Instead of trusting in HaShem, we trust in men and women in power suits, thinking that through them we will find the salvation we seek. We are fools. We are cowards. Our minds cleave to the musings of our enemies! Why should we adhere to the thought patterns and the brainwashing of those who want our lives-- our souls? Have we no courage? Have we no faith? Have we not the brain power, the simple logic, to see the truth for what it is; or have we been rendered powerless in this regard as well? Why, why are we cowering in a corner, frought with indecision, when this battle could so easily be won if we just took that one simple step in prayer and declaration, not only claiming but proclaiming our salvation in HaShem? Are we that lost, that foolhardy, that prideful, that we are willing not only to walk ourselves to the Guillotine, but to release the blade upon our own necks?

Surely it will be so, and our situation will not change until we cry out to our Adonai to save us. For in Him lies our dror-- our freedom from these chains of slavery that bind our very souls and condemn our bodies, and those of our kin, to nothing less than death.


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