10 November 2005

Would you like some Schwarma with your French Fries?

So far, the best commentary on the Jordanian hotel bombings has come from Israeli expert on Muslim terror, Juval Aviv. Interviewed last night on Fox News's "The Big Story with John Gibson," Aviv spoke eloquently and confidently about what the terror attacks in France and Jordan, and possible attacks in Australia really mean. He and a group of terror analyists have been studying Islamic terror for years, and have drawn correlations between the latest rounds of muslim violence in Europe, Australia, and Jordan, which lead them to believe that a terror attack in the U.S. is imminent. According to Aviv, these terror attacks and attempted terror attacks were done as "test scenarios" to be used by the terrorists to see what they could and could not get away with in the United States. Aviv and his associates believe, based on their analysis, that one, if not several, terror attacks will be attempted and/or committed in the United States in time to conicide with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

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