07 November 2005

Vichy, Deep Fried

Unless you get your news from the blogosphere or Fox News, you wouldn't know that those rioters destroying France are Muslims. They aren't poor, oppressed, unemployed minorities seeking acceptance and equal rights, they're the children of Arab immigrants who didn't bother to learn French or integrate into French culture whatsoever. They aren't rioting because they're discriminated against; they're rioting because they follow a religious mindset bent on creating chaos and disorder.

P.S.: Monseiur Chirac-- Philippe Petain was more patriotic than you.

BTW-- Again, if you don't read the blogosphere or get your news from Israel National News, you wouldn't know that Muslim riots are continuing in Denmark and are starting to spring up in Germany.

When I asked my 88 year old grandfather what he thought of the riots this weekend, he said this: "Hah. We saved France a few times now. This time, they can straighten themselves out. They ought to get their army in there and stop it." Yay, gramps. See ya, Eurabia!


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