29 December 2005

Interestink. Very interestink.

LGF: Pro Journo Venomfest: "...people who comment at LGF are 'a pathological rash,' uncivilized brutes with a 'decapitation complex' who get off on 'death porn.'"

Why is it that MSM criticism of the blogosphere sounds like the psychobabble they use to promote Michael Bay movies?

From RottenTomatoes.com:

""Pearl Harbor’s sound and fury signify nothing but a new kind of war porn."
-- Robert Wilonsky, NEW TIMES"

""A cheerfully offensive rape of history."-- Ian Waldron-Mantgani, UK CRITIC"

""Strives to be a sweeping romantic epic, but sinks under the weight of a cliche-ridden script, pedestrian acting and sledgehammer direction."-- Frank Swietek, ONE GUY'S OPINION"

Think about it.


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