23 December 2005

Al-Reuters Reports

Over at Daled Amos those in the know may find an interesting analysis of the latest Reuters' coverage of US-Israel relations. While it is a positive thing that Congress is pushing hard for Hamas to disarm before any "Palestinian Elections" can take place, the article itself points out the very flaw in Congressional thinking:

"Seventy U.S. senators on Wednesday called on President George W. Bush to make it clear to Palestinian leaders that Hamas and other groups that the United States wants terrorist organizations to disarm or be banned from upcoming Palestinian elections.

...The senators said Bush should "press the Palestinian leaders to use the leverage they now have with these terrorist groups to insist that they adhere to a basic set of principles before they can run for political office.""

Amos critcizes (and rightly so) the last line of the Al-Reuters Report:

"But it's the last line of the article that is absurd:

'Hamas has grown in popularity among Palestinians for a corruption-free reputation, its extensive charity network and its role in suicide bombings and rocket attacks against Israel.'

Apparently Reuters finds nothing particularly jarring about that last line. Hamas is just your everyday popular party--corruption-free, charitable, and they kill Jews in their spare time."

Therein lies the crux of the problem: even if the United States demands that Hamas disarm or get out, it won't matter, because to the "Palestinians" Hamas isn't doing anything wrong. What Congress needs to demand is a complete integration of "Palestinians" into Israeli society. If they don't want to integrate (like the hundreds, if not thousands of Israeli Arabs have-- because they realize that Israel is the best place for them to be in the entire Middle East) they can leave and live in one of the "Palestinian Refugee" camps in Syria. Heck, living there comes with automatic travel benefits-- they can be shipped to Lebanon against their will at no extra charge, and they'll still be able to blow themselves up without interruption.

Congress made a great gesture by passing the anti-Hamas resolution, but that's all it was-- a gesture. It can't be anything more than that as long as we insist on recognizing the "Palestinians" as a people and drive Israel to give this non-nation a country of its own. Until we recognize the truth of who and what we're dealing with, these good-hearted attempts at making nice will be as effective as a putting a band-aid on a broken bone.


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