08 December 2005


Drudge has a great story on some dude in Florida who hanged a blindfolded Santa on a tree in his front yard. All of his neighbors are complaining that the image disturbs their children. While Santa's hangman isn't saying why he decided to mutilate Father Christmas, I have a theory that backfires in the face of all those Christmas junkies out there, intent on claiming abuse of their pseudo-religious holiday. Could it be that the henchman, too, is part of the Pro-Kristian Kringle crowd, intent on making a political statement about Christmas being held hostage by those leftist pagans intent on driving everything Jesus out of the public sphere while maintaining a very PC stance when it comes to Islamic terror? If that's what this guy's shooting for (er- noosing for?) it's too bad his murderous plans are coming untied, as the saying goes. Maybe he ought to try sticking a Christmas tree on the chopping block-- that may cut it to the quick. At least then he'd be guaranteed a bit of press with John Gibson. Sorry, Santa. Maybe if you start leaking sap all over the living room floor, you'd matter a little more.


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