05 December 2005

Two Worlds

In case you have yet to notice, Israel and America are separated by more than geographical distance--

Charles Krauthammer, one of the most on-target conservative commentators, has been kidnapped by the Talking Heads of the Republican party, and is now proudly spouting official party line opinion regarding the status of the "Peace Process" in Israel.

In case anyone hasn't noticed, the Palestinians haven't stopped bombing Israelis. And in case you haven't heard the breaking news-- the IDF is now lining up at the Gaza border, preparing for a ground offensive that may begin within HOURS in retaliation for the most recent murdering of innocent Israeli shoppers in Netanya.

American intervention is a joke. In His mercy, HaShem will save us now.

Meanwhile, Yishai Fleisher and Alex Trainman are on Israel National Radio right now, comparing the politically correct (Jewish) Krauthammer's article with one written by a Christian author and published on World Net Daily, and this is irony-- the Christian's article is the one that is the most on-target with what is going on in the Land, proving that faith, not politics, will draw the lines of allegiance in this battle.


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