12 January 2006

Dare I Call it... Orwellian?

Privacy group complains of London TV plan [via Drudge]

An east London community is going to go under Closed Circuit camera surveillance, a popular but controversial method for crime monitoring employed by law enforcement world-wide. The catch:

Residents will be able to access the CCTV through their televisions. They will be able to use it to report suspicious behavior. The 11 cameras will be rotated on a 30 second loop.

Whhhhoooooa doggies. Neighbors will be encouraged to spy on each other and tell on each other to the cops? This coming from a country that bans handguns and employs the philosophy of any other socialist state: turn your head and let the law deal with the criminals.

Whatever happened to careless talk costing lives?

Stampede at Hajj in Mecca Kills 110 [again, via Drudge]

Thousands of Muslim pilgrims rushing to complete a symbolic stoning ritual on the last day of the hajj tripped over luggage Thursday, causing a crush. Medical officials said more than 110 people were killed and some 1,000 injured.

Do these people also count as victims of the Religion of Peace? Quick-- where are all the shots of Westerners shooting guns in the air to celebrate the fact that there are at least 110 less suicide bombers on the face of the planet? Oh, that's right. Those Westerners are too busy praying for the wounded and holding contests for statues to be erected to memorialize the dead.

The biggest line of bull for the day can be found in: US Intervenes in Israeli Elections: Administration Backs Olmert [Israel National News]

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice issued a statement last night, commending Olmert on his apparent decision to permit eastern Jerusalem Arabs to participate in the PA elections later this month.

Please. Spare me, Condi. Do us all a favor and stay out of it in 2008.

The best news of the day can be found in:IAF intelligence: Iran beefing up air defenses [Jerusalem Post]

It is the Begin Doctrine which repeatedly has been invoked lately regarding Iran and Israel's response to its suspected efforts to produce nuclear weapons. The internal IAF research paper shows that the feasibility of a successful military operation need not be total in order for Israeli leaders to order such a strike. This appears to abate a recently published US army report that claims Israel has no viable military option against Iranian nukes.

Well, duh.

One war game scenario played out by the IAF was an American attack on Iranian nuclear sites. In this case, it was believed the US would give Israel a prior warning of "perhaps a day, nothing significant." "There is no way the Iranians would believe that it was the Americans and [they] will seek to retaliate against Israel," a senior officer said.

It absolutely and unequivocally needs to be Israel who attacks Iran. Every Jew on the planet should want to be at the controls when we bomb those Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic, murderous creeps.

Today, the IAF has a new generation of F-16s custom built for striking Iran.

Hahahahaha SUCKERS!

How do you say "Brilliant" in Hebrew? The validation of Jewish anti-Zionism [Jerusalem Post]

We live in complex times. Israel remains the principal anchor for Jewish identity for most Jews. If, distinct from legitimate criticism of Israel, reputable Jewish organizations are willing to tolerate debates in which the verities of the Jewish state are undermined, we are paving the way for our own moral self-defeat. Diaspora Jews will simply not survive if they lack the backbone to purge the enemy from within. As Jews, we must not become absorbed into the moral turpitude associated with post-modernism which blurs distinctions between good and evil.

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