05 January 2006

Papa Nazi

Leave it to a former Hitler Jugen: Vatican muscling in on Jerusalem Says Jews cannot be trusted with ownership of their ancient capital [Jerusalem Newswire]

The Roman Catholic Church says the Jewish state cannot be trusted to exercise control over the city of Jerusalem – ancient and eternal capital of the people of Israel.

In a statement whose arrogance and contempt he seemingly could not see, the Vatican’s legal advisor in Israel, David Jaeger, told an international conference in Haifa Tuesday that Jerusalem was too important a city to leave in the hands of either “Palestinians” or Jews.

Jaeger’s view was that the status of Jerusalem required the approval of the international community as a whole.

Now who's in charge of the world-control conspiracy? Wait, that's not completely fair of me. Perhaps Papa Ratzi merely desires to lay claim to the historical role of Pope as "lower than G-d, but higher than man, who judges all and is judged by no one" as declared by Pope Innocent III, who also happened to take charge of organizing the Crusades during his tenure.

If there are any Catholics out there thinking twice of going to Mass this weekend, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that most synagogues also offer a more casual service on Saturday mornings if you can't make the formal Friday night shabbos. Just think-- you'll finally have your Saturday night free for partying, and you'll beat the church crowd for Sunday morning breakfast at the diner.


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