05 January 2006

Suicide Bombing in America-- Shhhhhhh....

Tel-Chai Nation has picked up on a story the MSM is determined to ignore: Worshiper of the Religion of Peace vandalizes store in Arizona to protest border security

According to Tel-Chai Nation, only one regional Arizona newspaper, The East Valley Tribune reported that on "December 18... the crime of arson was committed by a Jordanian palestinian named Ali R. Warrayat against his own employer, a Home Depot store in Chandler, Arizona..."

"So the Jordanian-turned-U.S. citizen devised a plan to make a grand statement by crashing into the store at Alma School Road and Chandler Boulevard and setting it on fire.

At first, he wanted to wear a Palestinian flag, but later decided to place it in the trunk of his car, along with a copy of the Quran and a necklace.

...After crashing through the doors at 6 a.m. that Sunday, he expertly navigated the aisles and headed straight for the paint department, slamming his car into the flammable goods.He jumped to the roof of the car, looked around for a second and then hopped to the ground.He used a lighter to ignite the blaze, and loud explosions followed as store employees ran for safety."

Tel-Chai gives an ominous warning that ought to be heeded:

"Make sure to be on the lookout for shady characters like this in your neighborhood. Because this could be a precedent to arson attacks by Islamofascists within the United States."

Kinda reminds you of this, doesn't it?

Apparently, the kid was doing it for Islam and to protest the building of a security fence between the United States and Mexico.

My three immediate one-liner reactions:

I swear, isn't the axiom "good fences make good neighbors" anywhere in the Koran?

Shouldn't he be across the border giving tunnel-digging training to Mexicans?

You know, all the materials that will be used to build the fence will come from China, anyway. C'mon, those are your allies, right?


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