21 February 2006

Democracy, G-d, and the Arabs

I have been bothered for some time now with the neoconservative approach towards democracy.

One of the greatest arguments of the Bush administration is that if people are given the choice, they will choose democracy and, in so doing, they will choose leaders who will act for the good of the people. This is a simple and logical notion to those of us living in the western world. How, though, can we expect entire nations of people raised to murder in the name of religion to comprehend the complex concept of democracy, when they cannot even understand the notion of a G-d whose plan and purpose is solely for the good of mankind?

According to the Bush administration, the Religion of False-Peace really does believe in a loving god; they just have a hard time showing it. Israpundit quotes the Secretary of State in Islam now a “religion of love” according to Rice :“We in America,” Rice effused, “know the benevolence that is at the heart of Islam.”

The reason democracy is a success is not because man is eternally good, but because it is a governmental system that recognizes that G-d is eternally good. Moreover, democracy succeeds because it is a governmental system that empowers the individual while, simultaneously, recognizing that no individual can succeed alone. With its separation of powers, democracy is a humbling political concept that affords the recognition of free will as well as the acceptance of human imperfection. Imperfection is handled through a two-pronged strategy: separation of powers and prayer for Divine wisdom. Hence Congress meets. Hence, before Congress meets, Congress prays.

Despite the dearest wishes of the Bush neocons, democracy is not man's new god. Democracy is a brilliant system because it is based on the recognition of G-d as the Absolute Creator and Governor of the universe. Democracy succeeds because it views G-d through Biblical principles; G-d is not a character who demands death, but a benevolent entity who has "plans for you, plans for a future and a hope." (Jeremiah 29:11) Democracy, therefore, cannot replace G-d. Democracy also cannot be slapped onto a society that does not recognize the true character of G-d.



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