14 February 2006

Happy Valetine's Day

In the spirit of a holiday based on greeting card sales slumps, I give you the Top Twenty Truths No One Wants to Admit To:

1. Calling someone "gay" isn't an insult if they really are homosexual.
2. Islam really does teach its followers to kill Jews.
3. A vote for Hamas was really a vote to kill Jews and destroy Israel.
4. The only truthful axiom to come from communism is: A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
5. The reason academia is fixated with the idea of citation is because they don't want to teach students to think for themselves.
6. 99% of the world population is composed of followers, not leaders.
7. A person's faith belongs to G-d alone; everyone you meet will inevitably fail you at some point in your life, most likely when you need them the most.
8. The reason you have to email your resume is because it is easier for that guy in HR to click "delete" than it is to actually walk the paper to the trash.
9. There really is a difference between being honest and giving a value judgment.
10. Just because you reference an entire racial group when giving a statistic doesn't mean you're stereotyping every single member of that racial group.
11. People are far too easily offended for their own good.
12. We live in a blame culture that focuses too much time on finger pointing and not enough time on solving problems.
13. Despite the claims of the MSM, the biggest news story right now really is: Iran wants to blow the crap out of Israel and the United States ASAP.
14. Someone, somewhere, is always going to hate America.
15. Nobody likes the Jews. Even the Jews don't like the Jews.
16. The reason American college students can't complete simple tasks is because they're taught not to care.
17. Everyone you know between the ages of 15 and 50 has done drugs at some point in their life.
18. There's no getting around it: this world is nuts.
19. You know you're on the right side when the truth, as painful as it may be, thrills you to your fingertips.
20. You don't ever have to like or do what everyone else does, ever.


And, what the heck:


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