13 April 2006

Bringing Mohammed to the Molehill

Everyone is flipping out about Comedy Central's decision not to allow the creators of South Park to include a caricature of the prophet Mohammed in last night's episode. I wasn't exactly surprised, although, I did find their imagery of George W. Bush and Jesus Christ deficating on an American flag quite an apropo political statement when it comes to what the West does and doesn't consider PC re: G-d, religion, and State. So, why is America, as the kids from South Park would say, so fakakta'd up?

Dr. Eugene Narrett explains it perfectly in his paper ISRAEL & WESTERN CIVILIZATION’S PROBLEM WITH HISTORY, MEMORY & SURVIVAL:

So here we have the source, the fons et origo of Western civilization's irremediable problem with history, memory, roots and survival. Here we have the source of the West's race toward self-annihilation, into a state where memory and manliness yield to the passions of the moment, to forgetting as a way of being; where the truth of our contingency and our need for deference yields to the lie of self-creation and pride; where all distinctions and modest joy drown in a media-encouraged "orgy porgy".

Read it all... and read to understand that we are in a very, very, very old war.



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