11 April 2006

Listen to this Man!

Israel National Radio

Tovia Singer Show
Airdate: Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Guest: Dr. Eugene Narrett

Part One
Part Two

From INR:

Dr. Eugene Narrett, professor at Cambridge College and author of "Gathered against Jerusalem," challenges conventional thinking on the bitter Arab-Israeli war and explores the unyielding US policy in the Middle East which led to the disaster in Oslo, Gaza, and Amona. Is American policy as friend and guarantor toward Israel similar to Great Britain's 'special relationship' with Israel from 1917-1948?

Dr. Narrett's books at Amazon:

Gathered Against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace

Israel Awakened: A Chronicle of the Oslo War

This man is the one person I've heard who is completely on-target when it comes to Israel, the "War on Terror," the real goals of Israel's so-called "allies," and the relationship between socialism and Islam. What he speaks is the truth, and it is the wake up call that Israel and the rest of the world needs to hear.



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