20 April 2006

Iran, Iran so far away....gotta get away

It never ceases to amaze me that the folks who argue that "cultural insensitivity" is solely a moonbat theory continue to be amazed by stories like this. Has everyone's head really been shoved up J. Lo's ass that far for that long? Here's a clue: the Jewish world thinks it's 5766; the Christian world thinks it's 2006; the Muslim world thinks it's 1427. That should speak volumes about the type of mindset we're dealing with here. The fact that imams preach the hatred of Jews and Christians in their weekly services is not news, and it's certainly NOT shocking. Muslims pray five times a day, right? Well, guess what they pray for five times a day from their muezzins in Jerusalem: they pray for the destruction of Israel. I'm serious. Go there. Go to Israel, sit in a cafe in Jerusalem, and listen to all that mystical Arabic gurgling that spouts out from the spires five times a day like clockwork. Sit there and know that those bastard camel jockeys hanging over your head and bowing on a carpet near you are praying for your death. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll get it. It's not a joke. It's not a rarity. It's not the exception, it's the rule, it's the fact. Facts are nothing to be shocked about; they are to be dealt with accordingly.

Oh, but if we stop being shocked by this kind of stuff, we lose our sense of right and wrong and the terrorists win!!! Waaaa, Ricky!!! No. If we DON'T stop being shocked by this stuff, if we DON'T start operating on the basis that these ticking time bombs are insane lunatics bent on destroying us and taking over the world, we'll guarantee victory for the terrorists-- because their prayers will come true! If we don't stop approaching these idiot nutballs like they're normal human beings capable of rational thought, we'll be the ones blown to kingdom come! You don't reason with the bear in the woods that's ready to rip your eyes out-- you shoot it before it can kill you!

Oh, so now you're equating them with animals. You know, that's just the way they think about us! How does that make us different from the terrorists? It makes us different because it makes us smarter. Ever hear about "getting into your enemy's head"? It's a common strategy during times of war. And, by the way, we are dealing with animals. Animals that don't deserve special sanctioned protection so their oil reserves stay safe and their land isn't harmed or taken away from them.

At the end of World War II, General Eisenhower paraded the German people through the Nazi death camps to make them face the reality of what the government they had elected into power had been doing for the past decade. It appears as if we've taken a tip from General Eisenhower, only instead of parading Muslim terrorists through the scenes of suicide bombings, we are being forced to parade the American people through an average day in the life of Islam. When will all the good and righteous patriots of this country actually stop being shocked and start addressing the realities of this war? You'd better stop burying your head in the sand, because it's going to become stock in a glass factory pretty soon, one way or the other. Either we blow the crap out of them, or they do it to us. I vote for the former versus the latter; while I prefer to keep business in-country, that's one industry I wouldn't mind seeing thousands of miles away.



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