29 May 2006

Chazak, Chazak, V'Nit'Chazek!

So, Hizbullah decides to shoot a few rockets in our direction, therefore the IDF kicks their unkosher tuchuses:
Hizballah is believed to have lost 10-12 men. Israel - 2 wounded.

The Israeli military are watching to see if the Lebanese Hizballah re-occupies the 20 border bases which Israeli tanks, artillery, jets and naval craft destroyed Sunday in reprisal for the massive Hizballah rocket-mortar-missile bombardment the length of the Israeli border sector.
Baruch HaShem. Now, if HaShem allows us to stave off our enemies in one day without the loss of life, why are we even considering the idea of giving up more land?
Our military sources add that the counter-attack by Israeli jets and helicopters knocked out most of the radar and electronic tracking stations the Iranians set up along the Israeli border. The stations were operated by Lebanese technicians in the pay of Iran and Syrian military intelligence. They relayed every scrap of incoming data directly to Syrian military staff headquarters in Damascus, where Iranian officers are also stationed.

One of the important 20 positions destroyed was Nevi Obadiah opposite Misgav Am. The electronic ears and eyes at this base kept Syrian and Iranian agents abreast of Israeli military movements in the Galilee panhandle and the Golan slopes.
Be strong, be bold, don't be afraid or frightened of them, for Adonai your G-d is going with you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you. ~D'varim 31:6



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