23 May 2006

It's Official: We Must Rely on HaShem ALONE

Dr. Eugene Narrett is back on Tovia Singer's Arutz Sheva radio show.

Rabbi Singer: Let me suggest this: How about learning that the Jewish people can NEVER look to the gentile nations to protect us; we can only rely on G-d and the strength that He gave us. NEVER again will we look to the goyim to protect us from our enemies.

Dr. Narrett: Amen, Tovia. ...There may be many, many people of good will and compassion who would help if they could, but the leaders of the nations of the world-- all of them-- have a lot of vested interest in seeing the Jewish people go away for good. And HaShem also does not want us to depend on any other nation.

Listen to the whole thing.



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