07 July 2006


The Jerusalem Post has REDEFINED the term "MARXIST DOUBLESPEAK" with the following headline: Hamas: Shalit is alive, treated 'in accordance with Islam'

Just... bloody hell. That's the only thing I can say: Bloody hell. And the sad thing is, I meant that both figuratively AND literally.

I was giving the short version of Paul Sperry's and Dr. Eugene Narrett's interviews with Tovia Singer on Israel National Radio to a friend at lunch.

"You mean America is selling themselves out to Arabs? Our government is just giving control over to terrorists?"

"Pretty much. Although, I doubt they see it that way exactly. I think the socialists in the government prefer to use Islamic terrorists the way Hitler used the SS. Too bad for them that they'll wind up being killed by their own footsoldiers."

"But why the hell would they--"

"One world government, hon. One world government."

"But we HAVE a government! We don't NEED a government!"

Borrowing a phrase from Eugene Narrett, I replied, "America won't be a nation; she's going to be balkanized."

It's the shock most Americans have when they try to wrap their heads around the doublespeak eminating from our government and mainstream media. Most people think "we're fighting a war on terror, so we're against terrorists!" The only people they see who are against the war are screaming things like "NO WAR FOR OIL". Everyone else is a good American who hates terrorists, right? So, when confronted with the simple facts that Muslims have set up shop in Virginia, right across the Potomac from DC, most people automatically respond to you as if you're some anti-capitalist nutcase screaming "WAR FOR OIL!!!" instead of a decent, patriotic American trying to stick their finger in the gaping hole in the dike.

To most Americans (and the rest of the world population who have bought into the whole "religion of peace" line) the idea that Shalit is being treated "in accordance with Islam" probably sounds reassuring. In fact, it sounds so reassuring that it gives license to world governments to side with Hamas. Another headline on the JPost ticker read US Concerned About Gaza Deaths. Well, who wouldn't be? These Hamas (terrorists) guys are treating Shalit in accordance with the Religion of PEACE, and they're getting attacked militarily for it? Who do those Israelis think they are, anyway? If that anti-reasoning isn't maddening enough, try having to justify a "restrained military incursion" into YOUR OWN LAND that is being occupied by an enemy DEVOTED TO WIPING YOU OFF THE PLANET to idiots who argue, What's one soldier? and He was a soldier, he knew what he was in for when he got into the service. Why risk world peace for one kid?

(Please. This world makes me want to spew.)

In case you had any doubts as to the credibility of the humanity of the terrorist entity, the JPost provides yet another article clarifying the Hamas statement: Hamas: Shalit alive and is treated humanely("...in accordance with Islam" is the part they left out of that headline.) See? Gilad Shalit is having a fun time in Mr. Hamas's Neighborhood! He's having so much fun that the United States government, devoted to fighting terror across the globe and ensuring world peace in the lifetime of our children's children is insisting not only that the Israelis tone down their "restrained incursion" but that they also hand-deliver soda, chips, and cake to the ("humanitarian crisis") party!

And when you've digested that much Marxist doublespeak that you not only understand the argument for more party favors, you begin to feel slighted for not being invited to the event, it seems perfectly normal for a terrorist organization bent on the destruction of Israel to initiate a PR campaign in their favor among...ISRAELIS?!

Hamas calls on Israel to apply pressure on gov't
Hamas issued a pamphlet on Friday calling upon Israelis to apply pressure on the government to concede to the organization's demands.

The pamphlet expressed surprise that Israel was unwilling to a prisoner exchange deal that would allow the release of kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit. It cited the precedent of the large amount of Lebanese prisoners released in exchange for "the drug dealer" Elhanan Tennenboim, Israel Radio reported.
Do you see how you're being lied to? Do you see how twisted it really is? A few days ago I overheard Sean Hannity on the radio, proclaiming that conservatives would like "what President Bush has to say about immigration." Sean, honey, SPP!!!! Take it from one conservative to another; we're being sold up-river! Don't believe the PR machine!

Then again, I must just be one of those crazy Pat Buchanan-loving, secretly anti-capitalist fascists for saying that I'm a conservative against George W. Bush, right?

Pardon me while I join Gilad Shalit at the kiddie table for pie.

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