08 August 2006

Didn't You Read My Book?

Israel Supporter, my most passionate anonymous commenter, recently sent me a link to Anne Bayefsky's article at National Review online, Dealing with the Devil, and asked me to comment.

In breif, the article details the United Nation's overwhelming Israel hatred and questions why Secretary of State Condi Rice would choose to rely on such an anti-Israel, pro-terror institution to provide a solution to the current war between Israel and Lebanon. Bayefsky concludes that such a reliance will have deadly results:
There will be only one sure result of this move — the empowerment of terrorists whose ultimate target is the United States and all democratic values. Secretary Rice’s belief that there is a serious convergence between the United Nations agenda and American foreign-policy needs in the age of terrorism is a profound error in judgment for which democratic societies everywhere will be forced to pay a heavy price.
So, what do I think?

Dr. Eugene Narrett was on the Tovia Singer Show on Israel National Radio, not long after the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit in Gaza, if I'm not mistaken. His research into world history and American history in relation to Israel is immense and well worth studying, therefore, his concluding theories regarding current international interaction with Israel are valid and worthy of serious note. To sum up his assessment of the current world body reaction to the war, the totality of which can be read at his blog, Dr. Narrett basically concludes that the world body (the UN, the US, the EU, etc.) will [try to] use this War in Lebanon as another tool to destroy Israel in their quest to establish a one world government.

I have discussed before how these two seemingly disparate ideas are related. In essence, Israel is the physical evidence, the proof, that G-d exists. Israel's Torah is the proof-text that testifies that human beings have free will and that there is a choice to be made between following G-d and following evil. Israel's history is the proof that G-d is all-powerful over evil. Israel's prophecy is proof that G-d has a plan for the ultimate salvation of the world from this evil. Moreover, Israel's prophets give the only exact, complete description of the kind of power this evil will wield over the globe before Moshiach provides salvation. Therefore, Israel-- her land, her people, her Torah-- must be destroyed, because Israel is the living proof, the evidence that convicts the guilty of their crime. And, in case you have yet to understand, I will tell you: the guilty are those trying to take complete control and power over the world. What system of government affords control of the many to be handed over to the few? COMMUNISM, or, rather, its ninth step in the didactic form, SOCIALISM.

Why would the United States choose to support and rely on the United Nations instead of backing their purported "most beloved ally" in the Middle East, Israel? As Dr. Narrett explains quite clearly,
Thus the Anglo-American bloc destroys its best and only ally, showing that its ultimate goal is consonant with the of the Russo-Chinese bloc. The State Department’s long term softness on Communism has reflected its desire for the essence of Bolshevik tyranny: dominance of the world by a bureaucratic state that owns all resources and controls abject subjects unable or afraid to criticize.
Asking why the United States, a democratic government, would support, rely on, and take cues from such a socialist institution as the United Nations is like asking why the socialist dictatorship of North Korea is referred to as the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. There's nothing Democratic about Kim Jong Il and, sad to say, there are certain parties in the American government that would like the same to be said for the United States.

So, what do I think of Bayefsky's conclusions? Quite frankly, I don't think they are strong enough. Too many players in the game-- key players, important players with clout in Washington and in the minds of you, the average reader, listener, viewer--still refuse to call a spade a spade at this critical juncture. Too many still follow the George W. method of proclaiming support for the War on Terror while declaring that Islam is a "religion of peace." Bayefsky's ideological conclusion-- that Rice's reliance on the United Nations will give the terrorists more power-- is true, but not concrete enough to make people realize the gravity of the situaton. What is "terror" to someone living in Kansas, or Pittsburgh, or Maine? What is "terror" but the cause for annoying bag-checks in New York subways or hold-ups in Chicago O'Hare? What is the loss of democratic freedom to a country whose most populated areas are populated with citizens who think "people don't kill people, guns kill people" and have a national identity that is based on the idea that our country was founded by "a bunch of rich, white men who didn't want to pay their taxes"?

Bayefsky would better serve her readership and America at large if she spoke in visceral terms, terms that no mainstream publication would dare employ, either for reasons of political correctness or couth. After all, who is going to believe that socialists are trying to take over the country, anyway? The conservatives? Not while President Bush, their hero is in office. The liberals? Their policy agenda proves that the establishment of a socialist state in America has been their goal for the past 50 years or more, so who are they to argue? What is the test of truth, scripture questions, and answers: The world will not believe it.

Believe it, America: your clock is ticking, and you're running out of time. There are forces in your government, people that you don't even see and have never heard of, who are calling the shots. This isn't a Hollywood movie or some conspiracy theory from Icke-- this is fact, and it is played out every day before your eyes. You see it on television, every time a reporter asks an American official what the U.N. thinks, and you read about it in articles like Bayefsky's. And you'd know about it, too, you'd know about it beginning to end and you'd know what to do about it-- if only you read The Book.


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