06 October 2004

Debate Over: Cheney Wins

Can I just say that Dick Cheney kicked butt in this debate? Yes, yes I can...because unlike everything John Edwards said, it's the truth. Edwards, like Kerry, didn't back up any of his "plans"... he didn't even refer people to his website, like Kerry did! When Edwards tried to make a "point" all he did was lie-- and Cheney caught him in his own trap. I loved it when Cheney nailed Edwards for the 90% casualty misinterpretation, for having no record, for voting against every pro-American plan from military to healthcare, and for being the nobody that he is. Brilliant. Sad eyes silky pony loses the race!

For great running commentary, check out Blogs for Bush by clicking on the "I Blog for Bush" button in the sidebar.

And if you still think that John Kerry is a patriot, try reading his book The New Soldier.


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