18 March 2005

SHHHH!!! **breaking news**

Since no one, and by no one I mean Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Drudge, the AP, Reuters, and the BBC, is talking about this, I figured I'd better enlighten all those Commie-Islamofascist-anti-Semite-anti-Zionists out there: Jews are praying. Now I'll translate that for you in your own language, for easy reading: You are SO screwed.

Arutz Sheva (israelnationalnews.com) and, to a lesser extent the Jerusalem Post (jpost.com) have been covering what can only be dubbed an amazing spiritual revival among the Jewish people in the Land of Israel over the past 2 months. Instead of relying on Prime Ministers, Muftis, Presidents, Norwegian cities, or thousands of hours of paperwork for peace, Israeli Jews are relying on G-d for their salvation from their persecutors. Not since Biblical times has the nation of Israel relied on G-d to be the Big Macha for Foreign Policy.

Do you see where we are at in time? The last time Israel relied on G-d to implement their national security policy, entire CIVILIZATIONS were WIPED OUT! We're talking plagues, we're talking natural disasters, we're talking massive warfare here. And given the past success rate (100% seems an understatement) I'm siding with the Jews on this one.

Even Christians (well, Christians who aren't affiliated with any one of the crumbling denominations who've decided to "divest" from Israel and were shortly thereafter plagued with any number of problems, from dwindling membership to sex scandals) are getting into the act. Earlier this week, Arutz Sheva reported that an Evangelical minister from Kentucky and a Zionist Jersey Jew were joining forces to organize a Disengagement Protest in D.C. for May. Today, the JPost published an op/ed by Michael Freund, former aide to P.M. Bibi Netanyahu, titled "Calling All Christians." Freund encouraged American Christians to follow the three P's for Israel: Protest, Pressure, and Pray. He writes, "lastly, it is timefor Jews and Christians to pull out the most potent weapon in their arsenal, the power of prayer. The Land of Israel is in danger, and there can be no better way to influence events than by turning in prayer to the One who guides all human events." A Jew asking Christians to pray, with Jews... simultaenously acknowledging that both groups pray to the same, one and only G-d. If anyone finds a precedent to this, I'll give them fifty bucks.

It is going to be a righteously awesome season in the Land of Israel. But, shhh... for now its just a bunch of Jews praying....


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