07 August 2005

What Would Jesus Do?

From the Messianic Jewish Israel Fund:
(Full text @ http://www.mjif.org/resources.html#adns1)

"While the disengagement is on the minds of the Israeli society as a whole, other pressing issues are paramount in the daily lives of the Messianic Jews in Israel. The goal of the Messianic Jewish Israel Fund (MJIF) is to help alleviate some of the problems that constantly plague the believers there. We want to help make the pain of their hardship more bearable by providing prayer and financial support (both are necessities)."

Yeah, all that money and those well wishes will provide a nice cushion to sleep on when they're LIVING ON THE STREETS and RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES FROM THE NEWLY IMPOSED ARAB GOVERNMENTS! Yeah, who needs to worry about leaving Biblically promised Lands, anyway? As long as we have a chicken in every pot, right?

Pathetic. But it gets better.

From Maoz Ministries
(Full text can be found @ http://www.maozisrael.org/db/detail.asp?ID=191)

"Let me conclude with the clear statement that we believe with all of our hearts that one day Israel will occupy all the land that God promised to us, but military occupation of the land is not the answer. God promised us much more than today’s reality in Gaza of 8,000 Jews living in the midst of 1.3 million Palestinians who are committed to their destruction. Those who hate Israel wil be driven out and the Jewish people will live in the cities and villages that were once the homes of its enemies. This is the fullness of God’s promise and God alone will achieve this promised end at the right time."

Military occupation isn't the answer? Quick, quick, where's my guitar... I'm feeling a riff of Kumbaya coming on! Have all Messianics suddenly morphed into John Lennon? Are we bedding-in for the duration? Military occupation? Wait... okay, what? Those settlements, with all those kids going to school, and moms tending gardens and dad's building houses don't exactly add up to a military occupation in my mind. (Then again, I haven't dipped into the Kool Aid lately, either.) Aw, G-d will achieve His promises at the right time. That's funny, but I don't recall anywhere in scripture where it says "And G-d sayeth to the people of Israel: Get outeth thy doobies and chill, whilst I swoopeth in and kill thine enemies for y'alleth." No; when G-d acts for His people, He acts WITH and THROUGH His people. Moshe, Joshua, and David didn't exactly get famous for sitting on their tuchuses in the middle of a crisis; we know who they are today because they chose to honor G-d with ACTION.

I would love to include some quotes from other Messianic organizations, but when reached for comment, the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (http://www.mjaa.org) was busy blathering on about Bishop T.D. Jakes heading their annual conference.

Jews for Jesus (http://www.jewsforjesus.org) (if you can even begin to call that a Messianic organization) is busy in Berlin this month and was, therefore, unavailable for comment before this article went to print.

The fine folks over at Jewish Jewels (http://www.jewishjewels.org) who host the only nationally syndicated Messianic Jewish TV show in America, are also unavailable. However, for the low low price of $19.99 plus your soul, you can receive a kiss a day, a prayer rose, or an inspirational sea shell.

Jewish Voice Ministries International, headed by Jonathan Bernis, (http://www.jewishvoice.org) is another popular Messianic organization known for a widely syndicated TV show and international missionary trips to Jewish communities in the diaspora. Their bi-monthly magazine focuses on America for its July/August issue, with such articles as: "America's Jewish Heritage Revealed," "In 1492 Columbus was a Jew," "Guess Who Finance the Revolution," and "Does America Have a Future?" an article in which the main character is a Christian Judge from Texas. I don't know about you, but I personally find it very reassuring that the editors at Jewish Voice Ministries have chosen to focus on the future of America right at the exact moment that 8,000 Jews are being forceably evicted from their homes in ERETZ YISRAEL!

Diaspora Jews are classically silent. Six million of them were silent as they were led into gas chambers; G-d only knows how many millions more were silent over the centuries of bloodshed. But for American Jews to be so blind, deaf, and dumb at this juncture is nothing short of unforgivable, let alone downright absurd. For the community of Jews who believe in Yeshua as the Messiah, turning a blind eye to the occurance of prophetic events is damn dangerous and scary-- for them! How pathetic, to choose to succumb to fear when we are living in the greatest age in human history, the period of time we have been waiting for as a people for over 5,000 years. How sad that the ones who should know so much, who should be so ready and so willing, are knowingly running the other way.


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