04 August 2005

"Jew Kills 4 Arabs; Media Links Murder with Protests" can be found @ >>http://www.israelnationalnews.com/print.php3?what=news&id=87126<<.

"A Jewish soldier who went AWOL from the Border police a month ago killed four people and wounded 12 others when he opened fire inside a bus in an Arab town in the Galilee.Angry residents killed the 19-year-old killer in a lynch. He was identified as Eran Tzuberi from Rishon Le'tzion, south of Tel Aviv. Israel media said he recently moved to the Kfar Tapuach community in northeast Samaria after turning to religion and became involved in extreme political activism, but the administrator of the community said he never heard of Tzuberi. ...initial reports indicated that the soldier shot because of a dispute over a seat on the bus." **

Not that I'm condoning random shootings of people, but I swear-- can you blame the guy? He grows up in a country that is part of his heritage, but where he is under constant threat of death. He gets drafted into a military that goes from being one of the greatest fighting forces of the western world to a divided team forced to pull their fellow Jews from their homes. Then, seeking some sort of spiritual answer, he gets fueled by a group of ultra-Orthodox hill dwellers who are sick and tired of being treated like shit in their own country, and are convinced that G-d wants them to fight against this political idiocy and not keep giving away every square inch of their New Jersey-sized plot of land. So he protests, and prays, and protests, and prays, and sees his fellow Jews give away their weapons in order to convince their own people that they aren't going to shoot at anyone when they are forcibly evicted in the name of "peace". One day, he boards a bus that is primarily filled with Arabs, and let's say someone makes a smart-ass remark, maybe about Jews having to sit at the back of the bus, or maybe about how in a few weeks no Jews would be on the bus at all. I'd probably go fucking ballistic on the asshole too! In fact, if I had a weapon, I'd shoot the sonofabitch right between the eyes!

But, already, millions of Jews in Israel and around the world are decrying the man as a "terrorist" and saying how horrible his actions were. Yeah, death sucks. Tell that to the thousands of victims of the Intifada, or to their families and friends. Tell all the millions of Jews that died in the Babylonian invasion, the Roman invasion, the massacre of York, the Inquisition, the Pogroms, the Holocaust, the War of Independence, the Arab-Israeli wars, the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, the Oslo Wars, and the Intifada that meaningless murders are a bad thing. And when all of their ghosts rise from the dead and stroke your heads and tell you that it's okay, they know, they understand, and they forgive, you can tell G-d that the millions of meaningless deaths of His people over the past 5765 years were and are bad things, and you know, He'll agree with you.

Then He'll kick your lousy, two-faced, scared-shitless-of-Arabs, give-away-land-in-political-deals asses. And He won't feel one bit sorry for doing it, suckers.

**Note: The last portion quoted was removed from a later version of the story linked. The original version that I quote from can be found on the Revava Forum at: >>http://www.revava.org/forum/index.php/topic,758.0.html<<


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