29 July 2005

Ich Bin Yahoodi, or Why I Hate Academia

Let me tell you a story.

My brilliant friend Jamie made a brilliant film called "Reel Nazis: A Mediated View of History." In his film, he analyzes Nazi propaganda and draws comparisons between Nazi propaganda images/techniques and modern day Islamofascist/Left Wing anti-American/anti-Israel propaganda.

His thesis committee won't pass him unless he takes out the modern day comparisons and keeps it a strictly historical piece.

Now who are the Nazis?

I cannot express my sheer hatred of what academia has become. To say it is anything less than a cesspool for ideological rejects and Karl Marx imitators would be a lie. Having gone through the ranks of higher education, I can say that I learned absolutely nothing that could aide in my understanding of or success in the real world.

Yet, at the same time, a life without an education is a life lived in ignorance. Working among people, the bulk of whom have at most a high school or professional school diploma, has allowed me to live in the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of knowing too much, they know-- and more importantly, are aware of-- too little. They are blind to the real crisis of our world. The only difference between the educated and the non-educated is that instead of being blinded by a brainwashing, they are blinded by folly.

Louis L'Amour left school at the age of fifteen because it was "getting in the way" of his education. This was in the 1920s. Today, kids should be quitting school at the age of five.


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