20 September 2005

American Jews: Beware

Caleb Corbin's excellent op/ed on Arutz 7 titled US Anti-Semitism: Could the Unthinkable Occur? should set alarm bells off in Jewish minds across America. Along with pointing out the three greatest threats to American Jews: Militant Islam, increasing illegal immigrant Hispanic population, a good percentage of which is culturally anti-Semitic, and a spike in the growth of anti-Semitic "white pride" and neo-Nazi movements, Corbin sheds light on the greatest trend in anti-Semitic thinking in the U.S.:

"Many Americans are also buying the Islamic/anti-Semitic subterfuge that Islamic terror attacks against America are the result of America's support of Israel. By extension, the Jews are responsible for Islamic terror attacks against the US. Remove the Jews, the logic goes, and remove the cause of Islamic terrorism."

Two hours after those jets smacked into the Twin Towers, I told my friends that somehow, someway, Jews would be blamed for it all. Israel would once again be scapegoated.

Of course, no one listened.

Corbin's chilling and much needed conclusion:

"As 9/11 shows, even the mainstream American media is not immune from singling out Jews in the immediate aftermath of a major terrorist event. The trends in America are disturbing. History has an irritating way of repeating itself. America has been an anomaly, but anomalies are just that: temporary, isolated events, which eventually conform to pattern.

The question remains: Will America forever defy the historical pattern?

Don't bet on it."

My grandfather remembers hearing a German Rabbi speak at Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia around 1933-1934. The Rabbi, who fled the recently elected Nazi regime in Germany, warned the auditorium full of students that they had no idea how horrible the conditions were in Germany, and that the world itself had no clue what it was in for in the coming years.

We can't close our eyes and our ears, let alone our minds or hearts, to what is in the wind. Whether we like it or not, it is 1933 all over again, and this time there is no America to turn to for protection. The only safe haven we have is Israel; our only Messiah, Yeshua. But because our leaders have given away our land for cheap, only our G-d can protect us now. Is it prophetic, or just pathetic (or probably both) that we have to drag ourselves down to nothing before we turn to HaShem? It is only He, in His mercy, that will re-establish the land He has given us and rid it of those who wish to kill us. The one question remains: where are our Joshuas now?


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