15 September 2005

From Cool Conservative to Flaming Lib!

That's it... if the Road Map didn't convince you, now you've got to admit, George W. Bush has become a flaming liberal.

Bush Takes Milder Tone on Terrorism 23:26 Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765

(IsraelNN.com) President George W. Bush told the United Nations on Wednesday that world leaders must change conditions which he said cause people to turn to terrorism and that war by itself will not defeat terrorism. "There can be no safety in looking away or seeking the quiet life by ignoring the hardship and oppression of others," Bush said.

His speech was milder than his previous calls for a world-wide war against terrorism. "We know that this war will not be won by force of arms alone," the president said.

Ignoring "hardship and oppression" of others? Isn't this the classic liberal defense line for EVERYTHING? Blacks suffered "hardship and oppression" let's slam whitey with affirmative action; women suffered "hardship and oppression" let's smash the patriarchy and put more middle aged men on the unemployment line; children suffer "hardship and oppression" let's liberate them from their parents; Africans, Indians, and other native peoples suffered "hardship and oppression" let's rewrite history to make George Washington a European imperialist. Wait, wait, here's my favorite: Palestinians are suffering "hardship and oppression" under the colonialist rule of the Zionists- let's redraw Israel's borders until she's off the map completely!

Pathetic. Truly, utterly pathetic. And damned dangerous, not only for George W., but for the entirety of America. Don't think G-d's going to stop at Katrina; Torah says and history shows that you can't abandon Israel and get away with it. G-d, have mercy on your faithful.


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