27 September 2005

The Temple Mount and our Spiritual War

Thought of the Day:

Don't the recent synagogue burnings and desecrations illustrate the truth of the matter at hand? We can't bring ourselves to destroy our synagogues because that would mean breaking religious law. So we leave them standing, only to watch reactionless as they're torn down and turned into museums honoring those who murder us.

That says:

We can't let go of our faith in our hearts, yet we allow others to claim it and use it for their own evil purposes.

Resigning our authority over our faith gives those who hate us free reign over our lives.

Handing our temples over to our enemies is the equivalent of giving them spiritual power over our souls.

Could the synagogue burnings in Gush Katif be the trigger for the final reclamation of the Temple Mount, Har HaBayit? To be sure, the Revava boys have been at it for months (http://www.revava.org) but more and more discussion has been devoted to the reclamation of the Temple Mount in the wake of the Disengagement:

September 15, Israel National News: The Temple Mount; Getting Serious

September 25, Fundamentally Freund: Standing Up for What is Holy

Today, on Israpundit: The Temple Mount Is...

This may not seem amazing at first, but for a variety of right-wing Zionist news sources to publish articles proclaiming Israel's right to reclaim the Temple Mount has been pretty unheard of until now. Will the argument have the weight to finally tip the scales of justice in favor of Israel?


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