23 September 2005

Despised and Rejected Among Men

I used to be quite close to a number of people I went to college with. Over time and distance, we eventually grew apart. The greatest schism came during the 2004 election season, when I began voicing conservative political opinions that offended/"freaked out" my extremely liberal friends. In fact, they were so offended/"freaked out" by my conservative opinions that instead of arguing against them in a civilised discussion, they elected to ignore me to the point of censure, with the exception of one somewhat, I supposed they would call it "mean spirited," anonymous comment left on one of my blog entries that went something to the effect of "I don't like to pick sides or anything, but I don't think its really cool to compare me to a terrorist just because I'm a liberal!" Cry me a river.

Because I get easily bored at work (do you see how many posts I make a day on here?) I will occasionally float over to livejournal and pick up on a quiz or two from a familiar blog. The politics quiz found at http://www.okcupid.com/politics proves entertaining until you reach:

Proposition 31: A person has the right to claim the Holocaust never happened, if that's what he believes.

What? What kind of person would even consider putting that question ON a quiz? How is that even a legitimate topic of discussion?! When Holocaust denial reaches such a point of politvogue, we must realize that we are living in a state of madness, mustn't we? How horrifying of a world do we live in when the concept of denying the fact that 6 million people were murdered because of their birthright is so common, so pedestrian, that it is included in a LIVEJOURNAL QUIZ THAT GAUGES YOUR POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY?!

This isn't why I stopped talking to my friends, but it does shed a heck of a lot of light on why they stopped talking to me.


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