26 September 2005

Accurate, Just Too Late

Accuracy in Media, a Right-Wing media watchdog based out of Alexandria, VA,published its commentary on this weekend's war protest in D.C.; the following comment was among their remarks:

We were tipped off about the article by Herbert Romerstein, a former government investigator into communist strategy and tactics who produced a 1974 congressional study, "The Workers World Party and its Front Organizations," examining how the organization manipulated innocent people into supporting communist regimes and Arab terrorism.

Romerstein said that the Catalinotto article reveals the real intentions of the protest organizers. "They've finally come out in the open," he said. "They've pretended to be for peace. But they're really a solidarity group for Al Qaeda and the terrorists in Iraq. The Marxist-Leninists and the Islamic fundamentalists are now allied against the United States."

Their complete lowdown on the Red Menace behind the antiwar movement can be found here.

Now, this is all well and good that they're uncovering the truth behind war protestors.

It's just a shame that they're doing it about 30 years too late.

Lexis-Nexis "Arafat" and "Castro" and you'll learn from the handful of articles, mainly printed in the conservative Washington Times that Castro and Arafat have been buddies since the mid-sixties. Castro provided training ground in Cuba for Palestinian militants as well as land for a Palestinian Embassy (the only one in existence) and an introduction into the United Nations. Castro also introduced the up and coming Arab terrorist to his communist buddies in Vietnam. After the North Vietnamese declared victory in 1974, they sat down with Arafat and his militants to help them draft a plan to "drive the Jews into the sea" based on the successful strategies employed during the Vietnam War. The plan included taking the land of Israel in stages-- hence Abbas's comment, "Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem!"

Of course, in return for the favors, Arafat helped Castro train militants in Cuba and South America. While the world is focused intently on what's going on in the Middle East, the Red Menace and its Muslim Brotherhood are at it with a vengeance in Venezuela and other South American countries. No wonder Hugo Chavez is as anti-Israel as he is anti-American and pro-Fidel.

Makes just a little too much sense, doesn't it? You have to wonder, then, why it took me four months of independent study, and not 17 years of American public education that culminated in a Master's Degree, to figure it all out. Actually, I haven't figured everything out just yet-- I still want to know why, over a thirty year period, a mere handful of articles have popped up in major American newspapers regarding the ties between our oldest enemy and our newest one. I'd also like to know why I spent years sitting in history classes, being told that democracy beat communism when the Berlin Wall fell, therefore multicultural globalism was the wave of the future.

No, everything you're being told isn't the truth, but if there's one thing this AIM report proves, it's that you need to find the truth for yourself, and not trust even the most reliable sources to get the facts straight in time.


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