22 September 2005

Let the Irony Continue

Ann Coulter expresses the true hardcore conservative's disappointment in W's latest Presidential decisions in her weekly column.

No, she didn't mention the disaster of Disengagement, but she is nevertheless on the mark in regards to everything else.

In the #1 Irony of the Week category, President Bush addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition yesterday:

"Iraq is the central battlefront in the war on terror. It's not the only place we're fighting the terrorists, but it's the central front right now. You see, the terrorists want to turn that country into what Afghanistan was. Imagine a place like Iraq, where they've got safe haven to plot and train. That's what they want. That's why they're pouring in there. That's why they're going into the country. That's why they're trying to create instability. ...[The American people] care, deeply. And they know that. And they're trying to get us out of there, is what they're trying to do, for a strategic objective.


The United States of America is firmly committed to defending the security and the well-being of our ally, Israel. (Applause.) And we'll work with our friends in the region and throughout the world to achieve the peace that all want. My hope is that someday there will be two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side in peace. (Applause.) "

Of course, his remarks also included extensive commentary on Katrina clean up and a warning to all those in the path of Rita to get out of the way.

I love being a Jew.


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