17 October 2005


Oddly enough, the 100th post falls on a fairly busy day in the real world... so we have to keep this short.

First off, re: Bush's "Staged" Interview with the Troops, go to the source, namely one of the soldier's personal blogs, for the real details: http://278medic.blogspot.com/


Last night, the History Channel ran Auschwitz: The Forgotten Evidence, a fascinating documentary that explores exactly how much the Allies knew about Auschwitz and what they could've done to stop the mass murder of approximately 1.25 million people, 1 million of them Jews.

Of course, it is no secret that the American government knew all about concentration camps as early as the mid to late 1930s. Hell, if they could be referenced in American movies before the war even started, you know the government was fully informed about the Nazi's final solution. The historians interviewed justified the lack of Allied intervention by saying that no one could fathom that such assembly-line mass murder could be committed. Yet, they had hard facts and figures taken from both code intercepts and escapee accounts. So, fathom or not, they knew what was going on, and chose to do nothing. Why? Because the Allies didn't get into the war to save the Jews. They got into the war to stop Hitler from taking military control of the globe. Saving the Jews had nothing to do with motivating the war effort, unless, of course, you were a Jew fighting in the Allied army who knew what was going on in Europe.

Instead of learning from their mistakes, today's allied military forces are approaching the War in Iraq, as well as the greater War on Terror (or whatever we're calling it these days) as a simple military battle. The philosophy that separated "Germans" from "Nazis" during World War II is now separating "Islam" from "Islamofacists" today. The same minds that "couldn't fathom" gas chambers in the 40s now can't fathom suicide bombers and beheadings. The same minds that couldn't recognize (or refused to acknowledge) the spiritual battle then are doing the same now. It amazes me to think that the question "Why was Hitler so determined to kill the Jews?" never made it into mainstream consciousness. Today, Holocaust history is so awash in political correctness that the average student thinks that Hitler was out to kill homosexuals or gypsies just as much as he was out to kill Jews. Tell me: did Hitler ever make "educational films" about the "evils" of homosexuals? Gypsies? Where's the Nazi propaganda piece comparing Soviets to rats living in sewers? An elementary analysis of Nazi media shows quite clearly that Hitler's war was about exterminating the world Jewish population. If the world can't comprehend that, how can they even begin to hope to comprehend the fact that the current world-wide Islamic jihad is focused on eliminating Israel (the land and the people) from the planet?


To add to the ongoing commentary on the events in Syria, Arutz 7 reports that America Continues Pressure Towards Sanctions Against Syria. Gee, will Condi be taking Hosni or the King to this year's Election Day bash?

Quoted from Democracy Will Not End the Insurgency [Israpundit]:

"That Islamic agenda is not going to die with the birth of Democracy in Iraq. It goes even further then Bush says. Radical Islam wants to also take over Europe and to liberate the Islamic Republics of the Russian Federation and eventually install Sharia in America. To defeat this agenda will require the steadfast determination of not only the US but also the EU, Russia and India. This conflict could last for 100 years."

How much sooner could it end if Israel would rise up and refuse to be bound by world opinion? How much sooner could it end if the United States would stop pressuring Israel to concede to terrorism and instead support Israel in her fight against Islam? How much sooner could it end if the people in charge stop playing politics and start fighting for the truth?


In honor of the festival of Sukkot, Chag Sameach & Moadim L'Simcha!


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