08 October 2005

Virtual Gulag

The Kommentariat puts it best when it comes to what's at stake in the bureaubattle over who controls the Internet, but Instapundit's reader Julian Morrison gives the lowdown that will make your hair stand on end:

"It's like I posted to Slashdot: why would the EU and the UN want to grab control, when that control right now is only being used for laissez faire? Because they want to /stop/ the laissez faire!

China wants to take down Tibetan and Falun Gong sites. Germany wants to ban neonazis from the internet. The arab nations would want to kick off Israel until it "fulfils its international obligations". Etc etc. This is nothing less than an attempt to stuff the information genie back into its bottle."

FYI to the Blogosphere: We're enemies of the State. And you know what happens to enemies of the State.


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