12 October 2005

The Man Behind the Myth

Read All About the Syrian Interior Minister's "suicide" at the Jawa Report:

Okay... let's review the facts:

The U.N. Report on the Assassination of Hariri is due out October 25th. According to Israpundit, the report will lead to the "indict[ment of] two of Assad’s close kinsmen, his brother Maher, head of the presidential guard brigade, and brother-in-law, Assef Shawqat, who is married to his sister Bushra, for involvement in the assassination plot against the Lebanese leader."

Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President, and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, commiserated on how they could best help their Syrian buddy Assad get out of this Lebanese assassination mess. The plan, in short, is to get Syria to "stop funding and politically supporting" (in air quotes) alQaeda and the Baathists. Then, Assad would "shut down the command centers, offices and the training facilities serving Palestinian terror groups in Syria." Syria would also provide America with the military intelligence to disband the Lebanese terror group Hizbollah. Of course, Assad would be "eased slowly" into these agreements by the Saudi King.

The Israpundit report also notes that:

"The quid pro quo proposed by Riyadh and Cairo is a halt on US and international pressure on the Syrian regime to mend its ways, the suspension foAmerican economic sanctions and the resumption of economic assistance in the framework of a generous US-Saudi aid package to build a modern economy. Washington would have to lean hard on Ariel Sharon, or whoever succeeds him as Israeli prime minister, for peace talks culminating in the withdrawal from the Golan - on the same lines as the pull-back from Gaza and prospective evacuations of the West Bank."

So, for all of this plan-making, what is going on in Syria? What evidence do we have to show us what Assad is really thinking? Well:

The Syrian Interior Minister "committed suicide" (whatever that equates to in the Muslim world) today; suspicions run high as to whether or not he was evading a Baathist show trial, or just murdered outright by his own government, scapegoat style.

Syria is pumping armed Palestinian refugees (some 1,500 men) from camps in Damascus into Lebanon. According to the DEBKA report, "They have also taken charge of combat units in the Palestinian refugee camps of Beirut, Burj al Berajneh, Sabra and Shatila, and placed them on the ready to repulse a possible Lebanese army offensive."

Syria has recently inked a contract with Russia that guarantees the speedy delivery of "The Stone," a missile so powerful that nothing in the U.S. or NATO arsenals can beat it. The missile is to arrive early in the first quarter of 2006. (Also gratis DEBKA)

Negotiations are ridiculous, compromise, unimaginable. Why not let Israel bomb Syria while they're at it with Iran?


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