24 October 2005

Humility at Last?

FAHGET ABOUT IT posted at Israpundit, from article on DEBKAfile:

"Outside, when they both faced reporters, President Bush took advantage of a question put by a Palestinian correspondent to drive home his new message. Asked if a Palestinian state would come about during his term as president, he replied: My purpose is to lay the foundations for a state. Whether it comes about or not is not my problem; is up to the Palestinians.

Clearly the US president has taken several steps back from his first concept of Palestinian statehood as a top American policy goal. He is leaving it to the Palestinians to make the running. For the first time, they have been put clearly and firmly on notice that as long as they harbor terrorists, they can forget about attaining their own state. "

Has our mighty leader been humbled? Israel should still be wary-- our trust needs to be in HaShem alone, always.


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