31 October 2005

Silly Americans

Iran’s terrorist President Ahmadinejad declares jihad against Israel:

“It should be realized that President Ahmadinejad’s threats -- and his subsequent failure to retract them -- themselves constitute acts of war. The Israelis, at the least, are in a moral and legal position to act in self-defence; and all decent men and women are under a moral obligation to support them.”

The author's argument is that Iran poses a nuclear threat to Israel and Europe, but also to the Americas, given the types of weapons they possess, and the channels through which they can transport them throughout the entire middle east. This is true. However, one huge, gaping point continues to be ignored by all political and military analyists-- the Arab relationship with communist rebels in South America. Couldn't they easily launch a nuclear weapon from, say, Cuba or Venezuela?

Then again, in the end it really is all up to G-d almighty:

"Iran is a danger to itself, and the countries in the Gulf region . Witness those Chernobyl era Russian nuclear reactors for its bomb making programs. One of them in Bam is located on an active fault line in the "ring of fire "earthquake zone. If an earthquake of say 7+ on the logarithmic Richter scale hit Bam with a close by epicenter and caused destruction of the containment chamber, the radiation cloud emitted from the wrecked facility would, according to experts, result in the deaths of tens of thousands downwind in the oil producing Gulf region."


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