01 November 2005

The Mind's Eye

This is what happens when 8-year olds steal bread in Iran. (Todah: LGF, Bareknuckle Politics)

The comments following this absolutely horrifying pictorial of a young boy getting his arm run over by a car while an adult holds him down and spectators look on, careless, serve to prove an often overlooked or ignored point: the western world cannot possibly comprehend Islam.

Poster T-Man comments:

"I really really can not stand middle eastern cultures. If we are going to be in the Middle East then maybe we should have another Crusade. What is also disturbing about those pictures are the people standing around just watching... they are doing nothing to help.. Then again... maybe we would be better off just pulling out and leaving them alone. What a messed up culture!"

Three points:

1. The same ignorance that fueled the crusades now fuels the muslim world that considers actions like this "just punishments." A crusade is not the answer, mainly because the Crusaders killed thousands of Jews along with muslims, and considering the fact that Israel is our greatest ally, crusading sounds like a pretty bad idea, don't you think?

2. The people "standing around" and "doing nothing to help" would never even think of "helping" because to them, that little boy doesn't need any help. To them, the little boy is getting what he deserves, and they most likely get some type of queer, twisted joy out of watching it-- or at least they're told that's what they ought to be feeling, along with a healthy dose of fear, of course.

3. "Pulling out and leaving them alone" not only gives justification to such gross brutal acts, it paves the way for them to do the same to us one day. If you're still in the "its over there, not over here" camp, time for a reality check-- large-scale, if not liberal, London newspapers are promoting dhimmitude and terrorist training camps are plowing fertile ground here in America. Oceans don't matter, hon. At least now we're making an attempt, if not half-hearted (Patton would be FUMING if he was in Iraq right now-- FUMING, I tell you) to show and tell these insane monsters that they're wrong, and we aren't going to stand for it.


Turns out that the whole thing was some sort of street stunt according to LGF. The translation they provide is extremely poor, but the consensus is that the guy holding the kid down is apparently some sort of David Copperfield wannabe who likes to use little kids in his act. In light of this truth, my point remains: these people are absolute queer barbarians who take joy out of watching brutal acts performed on children. Bizarre creeps; let's nuke 'em.


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