20 December 2005

Check out David's awesome commentary on Munich at Israellycool. One critic he quotes comments that Jewish bloggers are bound not to like the film because it "portrays Arabs as people." I couldn't have answered that ridiculous notion better than David who said (among other things):

"Take yours truly for example. I am a staunch Zionist. I believe that Israel is the religious and historical homeland of the Jewish people. I believe terror needs to be fought with all of our might and resources. But here's the newsflash, Dov. I do not hate Arabs nor Muslims."

I have a Hanukkiah (a menorah made especially for use at Hanukkah) that I found at a flea market a few weeks ago. It depicts a line of Israeli soldiers holding sheilds with the Star of David on them, marching into a gate. In large letters it reads "Shalom" in English. It is a perfect visual description of the irony in being pro-Israel. While you're ready and willing to fight your enemies and lay claim to your G-d given land, you're doing it for peace-- to ensure the peace, the safety, the tranquility of your land for all of its inhabitants, Jewish or not. I truly believe that the only kind of hatred that can be a part of a Jewish soul is the hatred of evil. Anyone who claims that we hate Arabs does so because in their own mind they associate Arabs with terror; who's fooling who?


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